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Fly Repellent
Fly Repellent
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Fly Repellent

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Lillidale Equine Fly Repellent has a unique blend of ingredients for use against flying insects. It is suitable for both horses, ponies and donkeys of all breeds.

The fly repellent is a highly effective shield for your horse in the spring, summer months. A quick defence method preventing flies from landing on your horse in the first instance.

The product comes in a spray type bottle for ease of use and helps to reach those hard to get to areas such as the ears and underneath your horse.

Horse safe ingredients include Citrodiol. This is a natural, safe and effective ingredient. It is approved by leading regulatory authorities around the world. Citrodiol is as effective as DEET and far superior to any other natural alternatives.


  • Suitable for all.
  • Highly effective shield
  • Quick defence method
  • Prevents flies from landing.
  • Spray type bottle
  • Natural and safe


Size: 500ml (also available as a 1 litre spray bottle)

Directions: If using for the first time, test on a small area of skin to establish suitability. Especially on sensitive skin.

Shake well and spray at a rate of 18ml of product per square metre of coat, this equates to twenty two trigger pulls. Apply twice daily for maximum protection.

Keep away from the eyes, the muzzle and any broken skin.

Ingredients: Citriodiol 0.8%w/w

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