Spooky Season 101

Halloween is just around the corner, can you believe it! Spooky season is filled with lots of festive fun - but are you making sure your four legged friend is prepared?


More trick than treat

We're big fans of Trick or Treating - we love seeing all the effort everyone puts into their costumes! However, those tasty treats can be toxic to dogs, including things like chocolate and sweets with xylitol in them (check out this list here for guidance). Boiled sweets and other bitesized treats can also be a major choking hazard, too. Make sure your haul is kept well away from pets to avoid any big scares, and keep your eyes peeled on walks in the following days to make sure they don't snaffle any leftovers or dropped sweets from the festivities. 


Things that go bump in the night

Some dogs will love meeting and greeting all their spooky doorstop visitors, but for those of us with anxious pets, it's a living nightmare. To help keep your nervous pet calm, why not set up a safe space away from the hustle and bustle? Make a cozy nest with some blankets in their crate, bed or favourite corner, put some calming music on in the background (we like this playlist!), and keep checking in on them throughout the night if you can't sit with them. Perhaps you could fill a Kong with a tasty-yet-time-consuming treat to keep their mind off scary stuff, too!


All dressed up

If you're getting your dog involved in your Halloween costume, make sure you do a dress rehearsal! This means that your dog can get used to their fabulous spooky outfit without the added excitement of the night. We loved getting inspiration from this dog parade in NYC!


Be spooky, be safe

If you're heading out into the night with your dog, make sure that they're visible to passers-by. With more people, young and old, out enjoying the festivities you want to make sure your ghoulish pooch isn't a trip hazard. Be sure to use lights on their collars and leads - or go one better and incorporate them into their costume! 


Whether you're staying in and keeping it cozy, or heading out for some Halloween fun, we hope you have a spooktacular time!