Joint Care with Lillidale & Southcoast Hydrotherapy

Looking after your dog’s joints is so important – whether they’re active dogs, working dogs or just getting older, every four-legged friend deserves to have the best quality of life with happy and healthy joints.

We know just how much of a difference ProJoint for Dogs can make, from fantastic feedback from our customers, to seeing the results in our own dogs! That’s why we were really excited to hear from our friends down at Southcoast Hydrotherapy, who told us how much of a transformation they see in dogs when they pair our best-selling ProJoint supplement with hydrotherapy.

"I use Pro Joint to support their joints, and I use hydrotherapy to maintain their joints as well – and keep them in tip-top condition"

- Steph, Southcoast Hydrotherapy

We knew we had to find out more, so come along with us to see the Southcoast Hydrotherapy team in action – dog lovers just as passionate about joint care as we are!