Caring for older dogs

Just like people, dogs slow down with age, changing in body and mind. You want to make your dogs life in his senior years as happy and enjoyable as possible and with the right care you can.

It is now considered that a middle age dog tends to be above seven years of age and this is when they can start to show physical and behavioural changes. This process can be very slow and subtle initially however there is a considerable breed variation with bigger dogs ageing faster.

There are many ways to support the older dog to ensure you can both get the most out of your life together.

Mental stimulation

As your dog gets older they may become less efficient in remembering things. To prevent this it is important to Keep your dogs mind stimulated helping them to continue feeling young. There are many ways to do this by offering your dog new toys or brain stimulation toys, teaching new tricks or changing their walk routine. Adding in a variety of surprise to your dogs routine will keep their brain working.

Keep them fit and active:

Even though it is likely your dog will slow down, the older dog will still need regular exercise to keep their weight down and to keep them entertained. They may need shorter walks little and often, keeping the amount of daily exercise consistent to avoid strenuous activity that may make your dog sore the next day. It is best to walk your older dog for about 20-30 minutes, two to three times a day. If your dog is lame or stiff do not take them out that day.

Supplements and diet - supporting your dogs joints:

One of the most common problems in the older dog is joint function, over time the body suffers wear and tear, particularly joints, resulting in stiffness and other joint problems. Stiffness or pain can occur at any time in your dog's life, but it is generally more common in the older dog.

There are some changes in an older dog that are easy to spot and some are less obvious. Even subtle cases of joint stiffness can benefit from some support. Introducing a suitable supplement into your dog's diet can help reduce stiffness of the joint by repairing cartilage and smoothing out the wear and tear.

Carefully researched and developed, ProJoint for Dogs is innovative, high-spec and specially formulated with 14 key ingredients to help maintain healthy joint function in a palatable format.

ProJoint 4 Dogs

  • Supports and maintains free movement of the joints in all breeds and ages of dog
  • Ensures mobility and elasticity by providing glucosamine, as well as omega 3 for health and vitality
  • Provides natural Beta-glucans which help gut wall function and aids immunity
  • Is free from wheat, gluten and soya
  • Is boosted with other ingredients to support growing, ageing and active dogs

ProJoint for Dogs can be used to help both developing joints in young animals and to manage joint issues in older dogs.

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