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Colour Enhancing Shampoo 4 Dogs

Colour Enhancing Shampoo 4 Dogs

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A concentrated canine shampoo formulated to heighten the colour intensity of dog coats. The shampoo is specifically designed to improve the radiance of your dog’s coat whilst leaving it conditioned and soft.

Built-in optical enhancers work to make white dogs whiter, grey dogs greyer and black dogs blacker.

Our colour enhancing shampoo is mild yet deep cleansing on dog’s coats. Dog-friendly ingredients remove everyday stains such as grass stains and mud stains from the dog’s coat.

Key natural ingredient, rosemary oil not only conditions the dog’s coat leaving a silky, soft finish and lasting freshness but also helps to repel ticks and fleas.

This product is recommended for white, grey and black animals and is ideal for removing stains.

Great for routine coat care and Show Rings.

Directions for easy application and maximum effect:

Please make sure a patch test is carried out before use. Especially on sensitive skin.

Wet and saturate the dogs coat thoroughly.  Dilute the shampoo to one part shampoo, five parts water. Apply the shampoo evenly and massage into the dog’s coat. Leave for a minute. Rinse the shampoo from the dog’s coat and repeat the process for maximum results. Finally rinse all the soap off with warm, tepid water making sure all trace of shampoo is removed. Towel or air dry your dogs and enjoy the results.

Size: 250ml (Also available in 4 litre bottles)

Steol, Tenamide, Rosemary Oil, Ultra Marine Blue, Sodium Chloride, Water

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